My Qualifications:

I hold a Diploma in Fitness (Fitness Specialist) and I constantly update my expertise to bring the latest and best training techniques to New Image. I’m a qualified Menezes Pilates instructor, VIPR coach and Advanced Thump Boxing instructor. As Director of New Image I’m also also committed to the continuous growth and education of the talented people I get to work with.

 Why you should train with Sean:

I’m passionate about giving people the tools to live a healthier and happier life: the life they deserve. I played sport from a young age but I still had to make a conscious choice when I finished playing sport to have a healthy and happy life. I want people to know it’s possible and show them how they can do it.

Seeing women become empowered and helping men find their young adult energy levels again are just a few benefits I’ve noticed on the journey.

Did you know?:

I see a coach once a week to help me live a better life. How can I expect people to be coached by me if I’m not willing to be coached?