It’s Silly Season – the toughest time of the year to stay on track towards your fitness goals.

December features all the culprits for weight gain: parties, booze, and a break in routine. And yet it’s the time of year when we all want to look and feel our best!

Spare a thought for our current Fat Loss Challengers. They’re really flexing their muscles to follow our guidelines in real life situations, navigating the month’s social situations and challenges.

As we wind up Week 3 of the Challenge, we’ve already seen AMAZING results. Our super inspiring client Amy Burch has already dropped 5kgs.

Here’s what’s working for our Challengers! These are basic strategies that our clients have stuck to in the trickiest of situations to get REAL RESULTS.

  1. At least 10,000 steps a day. Amy partially attributes her great results to boosting her steps. Last week she recorded 99,000 on her FitBit! Prioritise moving. Look for opportunities to walk as much as possible – it adds up and makes a difference.
  2. TRY to stick to 4 alcoholic drinks a week. I know this is tricky, but if you can be mindful at social occasions this month, you do have a little bit of booze budget to work with. Can you go to a party, have one or two drinks, and STILL have a good time? I challenge you to try it – you might surprise yourself.
  3. Three meals a day plus an afternoon snack. And it’s all about prep! Amy’s busy like the rest of us. She takes the time to prepare her meals to take to work so that she’s not stuck making crappy choices when under the pump.
  4. Sit down and enjoy meals. Amy’s stopped eating on the run and is actually taking the time to focus on meal times. During this frenetic month, savour the ritual of eating.
  5. Stick to one coffee day. This is a good strategy to help keep your sleep in check and regulate stress during a busy time.
  6. Eat more whole foods, less packaged. This is a basic guiding principle you can stick to – even at restaurants, even at parties, even when you’re so busy that your only meal option is servo food!
  7. Sleep 7-8 hours a night. For most of us I find this is the biggest challenge of all. Yet it’s probably the biggest bang for buck change you can make when it comes to your health.

Do your best to incorporate these simple behaviours into your day-to-day and you WILL get consistent results.

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