Christmas diet

The thought of sticking to a diet and your usual fitness routine over Christmas is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

I want you to enjoy this time, taste everything, have few drinks, and most of all feel relaxed. Being uptight around food and booze around this time can only result in binges and blowouts.

But I don’t want a week of partying to trigger a complete free for all. It can be really hard to get back on track with your fat loss goals after that. We want you to go into 2018 feeling great!

You need a few easy strategies that WORK to keep you on track this Christmas break. Implement these basic, no willpower rules to enjoy the break and limit the damage.

1) Exercise first thing DAILY

Just get it done, every day, before you do anything else. Exercising first thing gets your metabolism firing, but it also sets the tone for the day. An early morning (doesn’t have to be that early) session reminds you to put your health first and helps you be present with your family throughout the day.

If you’re a New Image client, use our app where we have months of programs that you’ve completed stored for you with videos. There’s also nothing wrong with a walk outside. Sixty minutes outdoors before it heats up is perfect.

2) Only eat the meals, avoid the snacks

This is tough. You arrive at your aunt’s house and she has made dips, crackers and there are chocolates all over the place. STOP!

You can taste everything you want when you go to a party but a good rule is to stick to standard meal times, and one plate of food. Once you’re on the snacking train at a Christmas party it quickly evolves into an all day eating fest.

Wait until lunch or dinner, grab a plate and pop on it whatever looks good to you. When that plate’s finished, you’re done.

3) Enjoy a few drinks and be ready to drive

One strategy that has worked really well for people is committing to being the driver. Even if you’re not the driver, imagine you needed to drive somewhere important at the conclusion of the day.

Yes, you can enjoy more than two drinks and you will need to have a break to allow your alcohol levels to subside.

We all know that after a few drinks we’ve experienced the most enjoyable benefits of alcohol. Past that, the brain is slowly changing giving you less willpower, less social awareness and possibly muted cognition. And you’re likely to wake up feeling rough the next day, making Step 1 and Step 2 of our rules that much harder.

So recognise this early and switch to sparking water…if you really are thirsty.

4) Be young again

Why is it that the adults sit around on Christmas Day but the kids, teenagers and even younger adults play in the pool, play cricket and play water fights. Here’s a tip, pack your swimmers, shorts and thongs and commit to being in the middle of the action with “the younger ones”. You will be surprised how much less you drink, how active you are and how much fun you have.

My most important tip this Christmas is to just R E L A X and don’t let your body stop you from doing anything you want to do. I promise, no one is worried about your shape in swimmers as much as you are. Do your best to be sensible this Christmas and if you want to make some changes in the new year to feel better NEXT Chrissy, we’re here to help.

Have a fantastic Christmas!

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