Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

We know that at this time of year our clients are keen to lose fat and tone up! Shedding excess kilos doesn’t take drastic measures or restrictive “cleanses”.

Instead, there are a few simple changes everyone can implement to spring clean your diet.

Our 8 Weeks to Lean Fat Loss Challenge starts on 9th October, with registration opening next Monday 18th September. Give your nutrition a simple spring clean with our strategies below and you’ll be ready to join the challenge feeling lighter, more vibrant and in control of your eating. 

  1.  Fill up half your plate with non-starchy veggies three times a day. These are packed with fibre and nutrients and will provide your meals with a lot of volume without a big calorie load. This is a really positive first step to improving your diet as you will automatically be crowding out the bad stuff with the good stuff.
  2. Drink water and herbal tea consistently throughout the day, especially when you’re noticing bouts of hunger when you shouldn’t be hungry, like after lunch. It’s in your head!
  3. Include protein at every meal. Mix up your types of protein to ensure variety in tastes, amino acids (building blocks of protein) and nutrients. Watch your portion size: a palm size portion is perfect.
  4. When you’re looking to lose fat, opt for non grain carb options. Try pumpkin, sweet potato and lentils. Stick to a fist size portion per meal.
  5. Plan, plan, plan! Prepare for your three healthy, balanced meals every day. For most, this means keeping their breakfasts and maybe lunches pretty much the same every day. Don’t get stuck making decisions about food on the run when you’re starving (they won’t be good ones). If you know that cooking a healthy dinner every night is just not realistic for your lifestyle, order delivered meals. I’ve been ordering meals from Thr1ve for the nights when I’m staying back late at the studio and it’s made a big difference.
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