Kate Fat Loss Challenge

Our fat loss challenges are always an exciting time at New Image.

We really see clients take their training and commitment to the next level.

And our most recent fat loss challenge didn’t disappoint!

I’m so proud of everyone who participated in the Challenge. It was fantastic to see everyone embrace the nutrition plan and continue on those great habits beyond the six weeks.

We’ve seen some amazing results and more importantly changes in people’s daily habits which are healthy habits for a lifetime.

Big congratulations to our Fat Loss Challenge WINNER Kate Berry!

Kate had an amazing result after she committed to every training session on offer, she embraced the meal plan and ensured she was available for every check in phone call with Sean.

Check out these results:

  • Kate lost 13.45% of her body fat
  • Her waist circumference came down by 8.4cm
  • There was a total of 7.1kg lost during the six weeks
  • Kate’s now training five days per week as well as walking daily

We’d also like to mention some other clients who had significant changes.


John Webb lost 10.81% of his overall body fat

Eric Hiam reduced his body fat by 10.67%

Jeni Simmons lost 3.4kg of body weight

Anita Gambell lost 7.20% of her waist circumference

These clients all achieved amazing results by making the most of what was on offer in the Challenge!

If you’re inspired by Kate’s amazing results, you can join in our next 6 Week Challenge starting 5th November.

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