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Congratulations to the winners of our 6 Week Challenge

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Kate Fat Loss Challenge

The results are in from our latest Fat Loss Challenge, and they’re stunning! No surprises – the most compliant, consistent clients got the best results. Find out who our winner is!

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exercise boost immunity

Can Exercise Boost Immunity?

We all want to collapse in bed when we’re under the weather. But research has shown that regular exercise can boost our immunity, and it’s not all about fat loss. Tayler Currie tells us how much and what type of activity it takes to boost your immune defences.

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5 mistakes that stop busy people getting lean

5 Mistakes That Stop Busy People Getting Lean

There are some mistakes we see over and over that keep people from creating their dream body, and our busiest clients are the biggest culprits! Learn the top 5 behaviours that get in the way of getting lean.

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Is stress making you fat

Is stress making you fat?

At New Image we believe that stress management is just as important as exercise and nutrition for weight control. Check out our tips for taming the stress beast and reaching your goals.

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Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Fat loss doesn’t require drastic measures or “cleanses”! Give your nutrition a simple spring clean with our easy diet strategies. In a couple of weeks you’ll be feeling lighter, more vibrant and in control of your eating.

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