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Discover Meditation with Guy Lawrence

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Let it in meditation Guy Lawrence

Join Guy Lawrence at New Image Saturday January 31st and discover the life-changing skills of meditation and breathing.

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Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Fat loss doesn’t require drastic measures or “cleanses”! Give your nutrition a simple spring clean with our easy diet strategies. In a couple of weeks you’ll be feeling lighter, more vibrant and in control of your eating.

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Stretch Every Day

Healthy Habits 6: Stretch Every Day

Daily stretching is a healthy habit that all of us can find a few minutes a day to squeeze in. Check out our basic routine to improve flexibility and reduce injury.

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Drink less alcohol

Healthy Habits 5: Drink Less Alcohol

However much you’re drinking right now, cutting back is a great idea for your health and waistline. We’re challenging you to limit your boozing to four days a week.

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